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Cantilevered Songs

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Item#: 9781897235669
Author/Colour Lent
Publisher/Brand Thistledown Press Ltd
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Main Description

John Lent celebrates the urban and natural landscapes of southern British Columbia in a series of jazz–inspired meditations sung in a laid–back, conversational style.

In order to get the music he wants, Lent plays with the visual architecture of his poems, making them mirror what the poems see: those crazy mysteries and back beat moments when you catch a big and strange idea sideways and then it disappears, leaving you feeling triumphant for no reason.

InCantilevered Songs, Lent stresses the typically unstressed #151; the throwaway moments during walks and hikes #151; and holds these recollections up to a light that is prismed by experience. Gazing from these various angles, Lent takes his own advice: "Play that song. Play it again. Now,improvise", and the poems become song.